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Welcome to the website of Age Concern Int.
Your entrance to the world of living, well being and care of elderly.

Age Concern Int. works in different divisions, each with its own specialism.

ACI Home Care: We are specialists in delivering Home Care to elderly in the Middle East. If you need Home Care for yourself, or your beloved ones, please visit our site at ACI Home Care.

ACI Home Care Academy: We developed a Home Care training course for people who want to work in Home Care. If you are interested in attending our training courses or want us to train your staff please visit: ACI Home Care Academy.

ACI Assisted Living: Implementation of an Assisted Living concept specific for the MENA region. If you want to know more about this, please visit ACI Assisted Living.

ACI Consultancy: You want to make use of our experience in living, wellbeing and care of elderly, then please have a look at:
ACI Consultancy.

ACI Telecare:ACI Telecare is the latest division and still developing. In case you want to stay updated, please visit reguarly:ACI Telecare.

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